Planning A Back To School Event?

When summer is waning, back to school is calling. Perhaps you are starting school for the very first time, perhaps it’s higher education that you are starting or maybe you have been out of school for years and are ready to go back. No matter what the circumstance may be, many schools will put on back to school parties or gatherings that welcome students old and new back to learning.

Back to school events can take on many tones, some are mixers that let you meet and greet your new classmates and others have a purpose, they may be to meet the teacher in an open house environment, it may be to tour the school so you don’t get lost on the first day or it may be in the form of a carnival or fair that throws formality out the window in favour of good old fashioned fun.

So how do you make sure your next back to school function is the best it can be? How about renting inflatables? This is great for young kids and it gives them something to do while mom and dad are chatting with the new teacher. Inflatables come in all manner of shapes and sizes, some feature climbing walls, some slides, but all of them have one thing in common: They’re fun! Cotton candy machines, hot dog machines and nacho carts are also great to keep kids and adults alike happy and raring to go, and of course who doesn’t like ice cream? Ice cream carts can be rented for your event too, complete with cones and scoopers to create your own.

Animals. Yes, animals. A mobile petting zoo is a great ice breaker, especially for young children. Pony rides are also always a good bet, if your party is for the younger set. Things like face painting and craft tables are always pleasing for kids, and best of all they can take home what they make to get a head start on decorating the fridge.

For teenage groups, nothing beats music so get that DJ out and get the tunes turning. This will both engage and entertain your guests and let them have some fun before the more serious stuff starts. (The learning!)

Back to school can sometimes be an emotional time, but with some fun and games to look forward to, everyone can have a great time, meet new friends and get ready to get back to the routine.

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